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Indoor Air Pollution

World Health Organisation (WHO):

Every year, there are 3.8 million people died due to stroke, ischemic heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and other non-infectious diseases. All these diseases are caused by air pollution, and people are dying at the younger ages.

Eurofins, Luxembourg AMCEN, Malaysia SGS, Sweden China National Analytic Centre (NACC) Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA)
Ionpaint can kill 98.5% bacteria within 3 minutes. Ionpaint has lower concentration of formaldehyde than the control level. The average reading of negative ions is 999 units /c.c . The saturation of negative ions in the air is 3.5 x 103 units /cm³. The emitting level of negative ions is between 1,000 ~ 10,000pc/c.c .

What is Negative Ion?

Negative Ion Generated from Ecological System

Although negative ions can neither be seen nor smelt, they do really exist in nature. It keeps us at the best of our health. Negative ions do not only make us comfortable, but also eliminates harmful bacteria. The ENORMOUS amount of negative ions can be generated by the photosynthesis by plants, lightning, the crashing between water molecules (such as rain and waterfalls), and mineral stones. It is also called as “vitamin to the air”.


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